• Private Instruction

    The Barton Creek Golf Academy offers private instruction for golfers of all skill levels, beginner to professional. We strongly believe that everyone is unique in the way they learn and process information. Our philosophy is there in no one way to swing a club but there are certain imperatives that all good players have. Whether you are coming to us for a quick fix or a long term development program our staff has the expertise to help you improve. We look forward to helping you with your golf.

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    **Discounted lesson packages available
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    To book a lesson online click the following link to our Uschedule booking system.  http://bartoncreekgolfacademy.uschedule.com

    For more information on the Barton Creek Golf Academy, please call (512) 306-5805 or email [email protected].


    New Student Assessment (NSA)- 


    Why Choose Barton Creek Golf Academy?
    Play Better Golf and Have More Fun!

    World-class Coaching,
    Great Advice,
    A One-of-a-kind, Customized Learning Experience

    What Makes Us Different?

    We conduct a thorough assessment of your fundamentals, technique and skill in all aspects of the game. We identify your strengths and pinpoint your weaknesses – key areas where you are losing strokes. To facilitate enhanced performance, we support you with focused coaching and training so that you can build skill and confidence that transfers onto the golf course.

    4 Steps to Mastery

    Our approach to coaching is unique – we understand the principles of motor learning and skill development. We provide golfers with the coaching and support services necessary to take an improved game onto the course by walking students up the 4 Steps of Mastery.

    Understanding Cause & Effect –

    Feedback Training –

    Transfer Training –

    PLAY –

    Step #1 to Better Golf

    New Student Assessment –  with the selected instructor!

    What to Expect – During the Session

    You and your Coach will get to know each other. We want to learn about your unique needs and goals. When we know where you want to go, we can better help you get there!

    Your Coach will get the opportunity to watch you hit shots in all aspects of the game – driving, iron play, putting, chipping, pitching and bunker play.  There is also some on course evaluation.

    Certain technologies may be utilized for feedback purposes (Video, 3-D motion analysis, SAM Putt Lab, Trackman or Flightscope).

    After Your Assessment – Next Steps

    After your assessment, your Coach will outline possible programs that align with your goals, available time and resources to get started on your journey to better golf!  There is no obligation to purchase any program beyond the NSA.  For more information or to book the New Student Assessment, please call (512) 306-5805 or email [email protected].


    (120 minutes)

    Staff Instructors –  Adult Rate – $300-$400    Junior Rate – $220-$300

    Director of Instruction –  Adult Rate -$500     Junior Rate – $400