50% Off a TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) screening and programs through the month of August.

    Golf Fitness assessment with 18 customized workout programs!

    $300 value for only $150.

    At the Barton Creek Golf Academy, or players have access to a complete array of tests usually reserved for the best golfers in the world. By assessing a “total picture” of your body, swing, and equipment, our team will recommend a program that will give the player a roadmap to success. “Swing technique and style is as unique as a player’s fingerprints.” At the Barton Creek Golf Academy, we will utilize our 4 camera hitting bay to film and correlate what we see on video with your physical screen. Many times players try to make changes with their motion and the have very little success if there is maybe a stability or mobility issue that can be attacked at the same time. This speeds up the learning curve and allows the golfer a better chance to make a change.

    We will also customize an 18 workout program for you to do on your own.

    Call 512-301-1054 or email [email protected].

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